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Wastewater Management Reports

We will help you choose the wastewater treatment system

that suits your requirements.

NO SALES PITCH approach to any particular system on the market.

Recycle your wastewater to water your garden.

Increase the value of your property.

Enjoy a garden that attracts birds, bushfire protection,

creates privacy and noise barriers.

We inform our clients about all the Wastewater Treatment System options available to them so they can confidently make an informed decision when choosing a system that is right for them. Our custom designed

wastewater systems promote efficient reuse for applications

ranging from domestic to small commercial projects. 

Rosewood Environmental Services can design a system that not only

recycles your wastewater to water your garden, but could also increase

the value of your property, attract birds and provide gardens that

create privacy, bushfire protection and noise barriers.


As independent consultants, we provide our clients with a

NO sales pitch approach to any particular system on the market.

Some of the system options to choose from are:

  • Septic tank and trenches (if applicable)

  • Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS)

  • Reedbed Systems

  • Mound Systems

  • Worm Farm Treatment Systems

  • Dry Composting Toilets & Greywater Treatment

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